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About Xipiter

Xipiter For You:

  • Airframe Subsystem Group
    bullet Design and plan Xawk airframe
    bullet Cut and lay-up carbon composites
    bullet Machine parts as needed for assembly
    bullet Assemble and fit aircraft
    bullet Engine tuning and flight testing
  • Avionics Subsystem Group
    bullet Design and plan Xawk avionics
    bullet Research hardware and sub-systems
    bullet Program software to power system
    bullet Wire the entire aircraft
    bullet Ground-based performance testing
  • Administrative Group
    bullet Voice of the team to the community
    bullet Correspond with sponsors/donors
    bullet Write press releases
    bullet Organize airframe/avionics documentation

Who We Are

Xipiter UAS Integrated Products Team is Mississippi State University’s unmanned aircraft systems team that participates each year in the AUVSI Student UAS competition in Maryland. Over the last several years, the team has placed consistently high, winning 1st place in 2008, and 2nd place in 2010, beating out over twenty-two international teams from around the globe.
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