Fabrication Process

For the last 8 years, Xipiter UAS IPT has had extensive experience with composites.  Using modern CAD/CAM technology combined with a 5-axis CNC router, Xipiter fabricated a complete set of custom molds to quickly manufacture precision parts.

Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) Molds

The Xawk UAS family has been student-designed from the ground up with CAD technology, enabling quick integration with CAM packages.  Using these drawings with the help of Raspet Flight Research Laboratory, Xipiter CNC’ cut a complete set of molds from MDF.  The MDF is then coated with a special compound which seals the molds and allow it to withstand temperatures of over 200°F

Carbon Lay-up

Xipiter’s Xawk UAS family is almost entirely made of carbon composites.  All major structural components are comprised of 3k pre-impregnated plain weave carbon fiber, in a sandwich construction with Divinycell core material.  The combination allows Xawk to withstand relatively elevated structural loads while retaining its lightweight properties.